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Hello Parents,
What a wonderful first day of I come to you this evening, I am already yawning and ready to tuck myself into bed. I just came into the lodge from our nighttime camp fire with lots of singing and excitement!  The students watched "Scotty Ba Ba" create fire out of sticks and a bow.  They were fascinated by watching him create fire.  Little do they know, they will get to experience making fire on our Native American night.  They also heard their echo coming from within the valley with the mountains in the backdrop from shouting hello.  They were so amazed.  They did it three times and each time they were in awe of this "phenomenon".

It was very chilly here at Camp Cuyamaca today.  We are all bundled in hats and warm sweatshirts and jackets.  With the cool air and delicious camp food, the students will be ready for bed and should have no trouble quickly falling asleep...well at least that is how I feel... Today lunch included chicken corn dogs, french fries, bananas, and carrots.  For dinner, campers were served yummy fajitas.  I saw some great burritos being made.
Let me tell you...the cabins are nice and fresh...but we shall see at the end of the week:)

Students were excited to tell us what bed they chose and who was sleeping by them.  They were excited to choose a top or bottom bunk.  They met their camp hike counselors and went on their first hike this afternoon.  Recess was late today at 4:45 with kids playing kickball, teatherball, basketball, hanging out in their cabins, and some other crazy camp games.  Dinner was then served at 5:45.

I saw many happy faces and students already showing their independence at their first day of camp.  I look forward to the rest of the week.  Breakfast will be served tomorrow at 7:45...they are now in their cabins, going over their night time procedures with their nighttime counselors.  The counselors tell the best bed time stories.  I know this because every year, they are dying to tell me the story at breakfast.  

You are all missed but know that you children are safe and sound and getting ready to settle down for the evening....Until tomorrow...Ms. Gill

Virtual Camp 2020

Camp Cuyamaca has been our fifth grade tradition for many years. Missing it this year due to the pandemic was difficult for many students and families; as it provides an irreplaceable experience of camaraderie among friends. 

The element we were able to provide as teachers, was a hands-on understanding of how science connects with nature. In collaboration with Outdoor Education Specialist, Emilie Traub fifth grade teacher Heidi Smith created a week-long virtual camp experience.

Coupling Camp Cuyamaca Home Edition videos and Smithsonian Maker Lab Outdoors, students used their knowledge of inquiry to make scientific connections from home. We couldn't have done it without our amazing communities support.

Palmquist Engineers

Palmquist Inquiry Labs are designed to assist students in their application of learning.

Here, students used their understanding of measurement and angles, design software, and persuasive writing to build a unique marketing opportunity to fund-raise for camp.   

Learning is FUN!