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5th Grade Activities

5th Grade Camp Day #4

Dear Parents:

I can't believe we have made it to the end of our adventure:)   What a fabulous week.  Students just finished having their outdoor BBQ and will be headed off to watch the talent show.  They are really excited about that.

Today students went on their last hike.  They also went rock climbing, tried archery, geo-caching, and played  a team problem solving game called toxic river. 

The students have really enjoyed all the letters from home.  One boy came to me today and said, "Ms. Gill, this was a really great letter."  It was so cute.  Their eyes sparkled as we handed out the letters.  I hope you received some of their letters too. 

Camp Cuyamaca is an outdoor science school that is aligned to the National Science Standards.  We will be bringing their science journals home with us and will be handing them out to them back in class next week.  I hope they will be able to share with you what they learned from camp.  Please review their science journal with them when they bring it home.

Please be prepared for tomorrows arrival from camp.  We will arrive around 12:30.  Your children will be anxious to see you.  Remember they will be tired and probably very hungry.  They have exerted a lot of energy at camp.  Their life at camp is non-stop learning and fun. 

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow...

Thank you again for letting your child engage in this wonderful experience!

Ms. Gill

5th Grade Camp Day #3

Hello Parents:

We made it to day 3 in the mountains with many happy children.  Today was our all day adventure.  What that means is that students left at 9:30 for an all day hike and returned at 3:30.  Their lunches were put in backpacks and we hiked with them and had lunch out in the wilderness.  It was a big day.  I am so exhausted.  The group I was with hiked 6 miles and most of it was uphill.  In the afternoon, we reached the top of a summit.  Other groups went to lakes and waterfalls.  Every student I spoke with had a fabulous time.  They couldn't wait to return back to camp to take a shower. 

At dinner homemade pizza was served.  The kids worked so hard today.  They couldn't eat fast enough.  The students are continuing to work on their crafts in their spare time.  Some of them have been preparing all week to be in the talent show tomorrow night.

We have been blessed with great weather.  It was a little cool at the beginning of the week, and the temperature was perfect for our hike today.  There was lightning, thunder, and a little rain last night but that was after all the activities for the day.

Mrs. Hamby came up for a visit to see the students today.  Everyone was excited to see her.

The kids are now headed to the Fox Lodge for Native American night.

Have a great evening.  Please remember that students will be coming home by 12:30 Friday afternoon.  Please make arrangements to pick them up at this time.  Hope all has been well for you too!

Ms. Gill


Fifth Grade Camp News for 5-16-16

Hello Parents,
What a wonderful first day of I come to you this evening, I am already yawning and ready to tuck myself into bed.
I just came into the lodge from our nighttime camp fire with lots of singing and excitement!  The students watched "Scotty Ba Ba" create fire 
out of sticks and a bow.  They were fascinated by watching him create fire.  Little do they know, they will get to experience making fire on our Native American 
night.  They also heard their echo coming from within the valley with the mountains in the backdrop from shouting hello.  They were so amazed.  They did it three
times and each time they were in awe of this "phenomenon".

It was very chilly here at Camp Cuyamaca today.  We are all bundled in hats and warm sweatshirts and jackets.  With the cool air and delicious camp food, the students
will be ready for bed and should have no trouble quickly falling asleep...well at least that is how I feel...
Today lunch included chicken corn dogs, french fries, bananas, and carrots.  For dinner, campers were served yummy fajitas.  I saw some great burritos being made.
Let me tell you...the cabins are nice and fresh...but we shall see at the end of the week:)

Students were excited to tell us what bed they chose and who was sleeping by them.  They were excited to choose a top or bottom bunk.  They met their camp hike counselors
and went on their first hike this afternoon.  Recess was late today at 4:45 with kids playing kickball, teatherball, basketball, hanging out in their cabins, and some other 
crazy camp games.  Dinner was then served at 5:45.

I saw many happy faces and students already showing their independence at their first day of camp.  I look forward to the rest of the week.  Breakfast will be
served tomorrow at 7:45...they are now in their cabins, going over their night time procedures with their nighttime counselors.  The counselors tell the best
bed time stories.  I know this because every year, they are dying to tell me the story at breakfast.  

You are all missed but know that you children are safe and sound and getting ready to settle down for the evening....Until tomorrow...Ms. Gill

5th Grade Camp Day #2

ood Evening,

It is day two of our adventurous day at Camp Cuyamaca.  It was a full day of excitement.  The kids were actually saying how fast the days have been going for them.

We began the day with rice krispy cereal, fruit, and pancakes...mind you, all you can eat pancakes. 

After breakfast, we met with our classes.  Students wrote on a card the three favorite things they liked about camp.   Some of the favorite things listed on their cards were the food, hiking, meeting new friends, and bed time stories.  We spent time sharing and listening to each other.

After breakfast, we headed out to our morning hike...students visited the "Grandfather Oak" and learned the legend of this great tree.  Ask them about the legend when they come home.

The afternoon was a time to work on their favorite craft.  Some students worked with wood and others worked with rock.  It was so amazing spending time together working two hours outside on a craft.  This was a beautiful bonding time.

Students then had recess at 4:00.  After recess, it was their first showers at camp.  They survived.  They felt great at dinner:)))  

We ended the evening with a nighttime hike. It was awesome watching the sunset, seeing deer, wild turkeys, and coyotes in the meadow.  The students spent time learning about nocturnal animals.

It was a full day with many exhausted children at the end of the day.

Some parents have asked us to text them...we don't have any cell reception.  No news is good news...

Until tomorrow...good night...Ms. Gill