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Inquiry Based Learning

What is inquiry based learning?

Inquiry based learning is rooted in the natural processes of a human brain.  We design learning experiences so students' interests are piqued and drives their natural inquisitive nature to learn about something new.  By defining these natural processes with children, they are more aware of their thinking and are more clear about the task they are asked to perform.  Within the inquiry process, we have simplified 5 processes that our brains do naturally:  Identify, Explore, Model, Evaluate and Explain.  Click on the process below to learn more about each part of the inquiry process.

5 parts to Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Labs

This is an elective time for 3rd-5th graders where they get to choose an area of interest based on a teacher's passion.  This is our first year developing the program and so far, the students love it.  It is also an opportunity to design great learning experiences for the students.  Below are the topics students were able to pursue this year.

Graph of Thinking Labs